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Golden Leaves

Roton November Games

Monday, November 14

A day of physical challenges, trivia questions, competition and Roton Rams School Spirit!


How to participate...


Physical Challenges

Relays, Push-ups, Egg Race, Tug-of-War  - you never know what could will be waiting for you at each station!



Want to move onto the next challenge?  Your team will have to complete the Trivia Challenge first!



Win a Pizza or Ice Cream Party by being the team to fundraise the most money to support Roton Middle School!


Teams must also fundraise by asking sponsors. Ask your parents, extended family, friends, neighbors or local businesses!  The team that raises the most money will get a PIZZA PARTY and the team that comes in second will get an ICE CREAM PARTY!

Pizza Delivery

Did you think we would forget about pie-throwing?

During recess, pies will be thrown at volunteer Roton staff members.


$5/tickets can be purchased that day.

How to register...

  • Students will form teams of up to 10.  Each team must come up with a team name, mascot and team color.

  • Each participant must bring in a $10 donation to enter (cash or check payable to Roton Middle School PTA).

  • Have one team member/team captain register with Mr Zakhar and/or Mrs Owens by October 31st with a list of your team participants, name & money.

  • All students must participate whether you’re taking part in physical challenges, helping to answer trivia questions and or being the team’s cheer squad.

  • There will be a prize for the team that comes in first place!

Don't worry if you don't have a team!  Let Mr. Zakhar and/or Mrs. Owens know and they'll help find one for you!

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